Guiding Purpose-Driven Women to Become Soul-Centered Power Players™


Are you hearing the call of your soul to play bigger? Do you feel that you are meant to be a catalyst for change? Do you have a vision for what’s possible in your organization, community, the world?

You know in your heart that women stepping into their authentic power will be the transformative force that reshapes business, government, education and communities to support all of life to thrive.

With a highly skilled and experienced guide at your side, you can confidently and courageously take the leap that will elevate your passion, presence and power.

Are you ready to answer the call and LEAP?



The world needs your passion, your genius and your leadership. When you step into your authentic power, you will be able to actualize your highest potential. You will live and lead with clarity, vitality, resilience and courage. It’s time to elevate your presence and amplify your impact.
It’s time to LEAP!


your guide

As a LEAP Catalyst and transformational coach, I facilitate the actualization of your purpose, potential and power. My genius is illuminating your true self and calling forth your greatness. I guide you to your wisdom and equip you with strategies, tools and practices that empower your full expression with flow, joy and freedom.