It’s Time To LEAP

leap (verb): to spring free from the ground

leap (noun): to make a choice in an area of ultimate concern

LEAP (acronym): to Lead from Embodied Authentic Power

Is there a part of you deep inside that’s aching to boldly and unabashedly take a stand for what you see as possible? Do you have a compelling desire to expand your influence and your impact? Does your heart long to lead from your whole self and in alignment with what matters most to you?


I hear you. I believe you. And I know, if you’re like most of us, you have doubt, resistance, confusion, and fear. Of course you do! When we dare to step into a bigger, more powerful expression of our genius and our purpose, we face uncertainty, risk and emotional vulnerability. And the call of our soul is met with the voice of fear. And all too often we hold back, play small and dim our light.

The good news is, you can learn to courageously be with that discomfort and confidently LEAP.

  • When you cultivate transformative inner structures and practices, you will move into clarity, vitality, freedom and flow.

  • When you clear unconscious sabotaging beliefs and behavior patterns, you will bring your highest intentions and your actions into powerful, productive alignment.

  • When you master specific power skills, you will gain access to game-changing connections, resources and solutions.

It’s time to ignite your genius.
It’s time to trust your heart’s wisdom.
It’s time to lead from your natural feminine essence.
It’s time to elevate your presence, influence and impact.

It’s time to LEAP!

When you leap, you catalyze exponential growth because the situation requires it of you. The context calls forth your greatness and you evolve into the woman who can actualize your big, bold vision.
— Ann Warnock


Transformational Coaching Program

A magically powerful blend of external structure & strategy and internal essence & evolution. LEAP catalyzes transformative personal and professional growth by creating a context for you to unleash your potential. What do you want to create? What’s the contribution you yearn to make? What’s the next expression of your leadership? You deserve the support you need to become the woman who can actualize your vision.

Leap now

Deep Dive Day
Customized 1:1

Are you poised at the edge of a big leap but not sure if you can pull it off? Maybe you know you’re ready, but you could use a partner to assist with putting all the pieces together. Perhaps you are filled with the energy of something ready to emerge through you and you need to crystalize the vision of what that is. LEAP Now is a one-day personalized deep dive that will give you clarity, direction and forward movement.


Foundational Workshop

A transformative experiential workshop in which you will cultivate Authentic Power - power that is internally generated and derived from a way of being. Through this work you will develop empowered relationships to self-doubt, vulnerability and the unknown. You will have the foundation to unravel limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. You will discover your truth and crystalize your vision.


radiant presence
embodied power
resilient vitality
profound self-trust
unabashed authenticity
courageous confidence
emboldened action